Dr. Garilli is nothing short of amazing!  She was recommended to me by a friend after I was distraught by my experience in trying to resolve my daughter's symptoms through traditional care where my concerns were dismissed. 
Dr. Garilli was extremely patient, thorough, and established a rapport with my 5-year old at our first visit.  The treatment plan Dr. Garilli developed resolved the issue causing the symptoms, and we have continued with the plan so my 5-year old is happy and symptom free. 
Dr. Garilli's attention to detail, follow-up and authentic concern for her patients are incomparable to any health care experience we've had.  I couldn't say enough wonderful things about how happy I am with her expertise, amazing care and ability to see the 'big picture' to effectively treat my daughter to be her healthiest and happiest self.  We highly recommend Dr. Garilli and are so thankful we found her.

- Stephanie 

Thank you for all your wisdom!!  No other doctor would do what you did for me!  Your practice will help and “save” so many people and, in turn, their children who will have a whole parent again! 
Elaine R. 

​The integration of complimentary treatment options can be very beneficial in addressing many health concerns that people have.  When medications or invasive treatment options are not indicated, using
these more natural remedies can sometimes provide effective resolution of symptoms, and may have fewer, if any, associated side effects.

However, care must be taken to carefully consider the appropriate approach to each person's own unique health issues.  Therefore, I would recommend that evaluation for natural remedies be performed by a specialist in this field.  Dr. Bianca Garilli is highly qualified to provide such services, given her training and experience in the various aspects of naturopathy.  Furthermore, the genuine concern she
has for her patients, as well as her ability to communicate effectively, provides a nurturing environment conducive to the healing process.

Sina Firouzi, MD

Bianca is a wonderful caring doctor. I had spent many years with my previous doctors that just wanted to give a prescription and send me on my way. She was the first person to actually help me and explain what was going on. I highly recommend her and would trust her opinion. The only thing I would add is Thank You!

– Paul.  Founder / Facilitator at The Hypnotic Solution

​"I met Dr. Garilli a few years ago in Mission Viejo, CA. She was very thorough in her assessment of my health and was so kind, compassionate, and KNOWLEDGEABLE. I still follow the recommendations she gave me and wish she still had her naturopathic practice in Southern California. She’s very dedicated to her patients and she provides excellent professional advice on natural and homeopathic remedies and changes to improve your health. Anyone who has the opportunity to consult with her will be in good hands! "
Gail G.


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